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It also covers Distributed File System Replication cmdlets, DFSR delegation, managing DFS databases, and Server Storage Replication. This section covers how security can be enhanced by using DNSSEC. It discusses digital signatures and how they can be used to provide integrity, non-repudiation, and origin verification. It discusses ways to shorten an IPv6 address with leading zero compression and truncation in addition to the basics. It explains three ways that categorize addresses such as unicast, multicast and anycast. It also discusses types of address, how they compare to IPv4 address as well as stressing the importance of understanding prefixes.

It also explains how to install IPAM via the GUI and via PowerShell. It also discusses residual benefits such as reduced cost, smaller environmental footprint and reduced surface attack without sacrificing import core networking services such as DNS. Network administrators looking to upgrade their skills and explore new networking technologies and functionalities in Server 2016 are advised to take up this course. Prepare for certification with hundreds of practice questions included in each training. These practice exams will prepare you for the TestOut Server Pro certification exam.

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Learners will then examine the Windows Admin Center, including installation options, how to perform installations, and how to configure user and gateway settings. You will learn how to use the Windows Admin Center for configuring user access and permissions, adding, and managing individual servers using Azure. Finally, this course examines logging abilities of the Windows Admin Center. Microsoft Networking with Windows Server 2016 Lessons This 10-video course explores several of the new features in PowerShell 5.1 utility, a command-line shell and scripting utility that comes standard in Windows Server 2019. You will begin with an overview of PowerShell 5.1, and its use to do bulk configuration. You will then learn how to use several basic commands to perform basic administrative tasks in Windows Server 2019.

Start watching these tutorials to solve your Windows Server issues today. This section introduces remote access which allows remote connectivity. It walks through using the routing and remote access console. It explains Network Address Translation and highlights the various routing types supported.

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Discover how to configure File Classification Infrastructure via the File Server Resource Manager . Configure file access audits, user and device claim types, and central access rules and policies. You will also learn how to create and configure resource properties and lists.

Microsoft Networking with Windows Server 2016 Lessons

John was very knowledgeable about the content he was teaching. This is the first time that I have had John as my instructor and feel that he would be a great instructor to have in my future courses. Our instructor Deepika was very knowledgeable about the subject and has a lot experience.

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