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In Franklin, Tennessee, an LGBTQ pride festival meets fierce resistance

Two fights removed from his first loss to Wanderlei Silva, Jackson needed a win over Ricardo Arona to get a rematch, but when the Brazilian ground ace locked in a triangle choke, things didn’t look good. Then the American picked Arona up over his head and slammed him to the mat, knocking him out instantly in a blistering display of power. Though UFC fans with short memories may just remember “Rampage” Jackson’s UFC 92 win over Wanderlei Silva, back in PRIDE, it was “The Axe Murderer” who left two savage bouts against Jackson with his hand raised.

  • The impact was so bad that Pride got out of business in less than a year, and it all ended with UFC buying Pride in 2007.
  • But fighters can also use the cage side as a tool, stopping themselves from being submitted.
  • In total, most UFC fights include 15 minutes of action, while the ones for the title are 25 minutes.
  • Sakuraba agreed to fight under these rules, and the contest went to a total of 90 minutes of fighting, after which Gracie’s corner threw in the towel due to damage to Gracie’s legs.
  • Neil Young said it’s better to burn out than fade away, and that looked to be the case with Mark Coleman, who pounded out six UFC victories before going on a three-fight skid and getting his walking papers.

Cooler heads eventually prevailed, and Rua got even by stopping Coleman at UFC 93 in 2009. Despite those fears, Lyst plans to be there again on Tuesday night when the board makes its final decision. Spencer Lyst, 17, a gay student and activist who attends high school in Franklin, has felt animus building in recent years as local conservatives have fought to limit classroom discussions and library books about LGBTQ people.

Antônio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira

The lack of solid siding not only led to instances where some fighters almost fell from the ring. But also gave some fighters the opportunity to physically get themselves out of a bad situation. By pushing their body out through the ropes, thereby having the fight reset or stopped, if they were being badly beaten. In terms of appearance, the boxing ring is not as purposefully aggressive as that of the cage. And the design offers fewer barriers for fight fans to get a good view of the fight when compared to the chainlink fence of the UFC cage. Now as Pride was the later promotion and it’s not quite known why they chose a ring over a cage. Perhaps they felt that the boat had already sailed with the UFC and wanted to go their own route.

Pride 20

The event, held at the Tokyo Dome on October 11, 1997 attracted 47,000 fans, as well as Japanese mass media attention. The success of the first event enabled its promoters to hold a regular series of mixed martial arts events and grew up to be the most popular mixed martial arts event in Japan. Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Carlos Newton (PRIDE 3)If you’re one of those fans who believe the only exciting aspect of MMA is the stand-up game, go back and watch the classic grappling war between former UFC champion Newton and one of MMA’s most beloved legends, Sakuraba. The entire fight was a strategic battle on the ground, with both fighters battling for the dominant position.

Super Fight League

Sakuraba advanced to the next round, fighting a fifteen-minute first round against eventual runner up Igor Vovchanchyn, after which Sakuraba’s corner threw in the towel citing his exhaustion. The Pride GP (Grand Prix) is the name of a series of tournaments held by Pride. In addition to a money prize, a championship belt was given to the winner of each tournament, though this belt only denoted the tournament winner and would never be defended. However, Pride’s Shockwave 2005 event crowned not only the welterweight and lightweight tournament champions, but also Pride’s inaugural welterweight and lightweight champions. Of note is the amount of past and future champions that would participate in these tournaments. PRIDE Fighting Championships (Pride or Pride FC, founded as KRS-Pride) was a Japanese mixed martial arts promotion company.

How a Nashville suburb’s LGBTQ pride festival became a bitter flashpoint

Saying that the Pride system of judging the entire fight was much more suited to the sport of MMA. Two of the most proficient in the use of kicks were Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio Shogun Rua. I wonder did their Brazilian background and love of football play any part. One of the vicious techniques that were used to great effect by several fighters in Pride was head stomps. The downed opponent may be out of reach with your hands and defending any guard pass. Both organisations agree that there are no hits to the back of the head or the spine area.

The only organization that has truly come close to surpassing the No. 1 status of the UFC was the now-defunct PRIDE Fighting Championships. The Japanese-based organization was founded in late 1997 and promoted some of the very best MMA events this sport has ever born witness to. PRIDE’s format of pitting all of their top stars into one ultra-stacked card is a format Scott Coker is trying to follow with Strikeforce. Emelianenko—widely recognized as the top fighter in the entire world—made his name in PRIDE. Before the UFC bought the organization in 2007, PRIDE was home to some of the greatest fights in the sport’s history.Let’s take a look at the top 10 greatest bouts in the history of the PRIDE Fighting Championships.10. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Wanderlei Silva II (PRIDE Final Conflict Absolute)In what was built up as one of the most-anticipated battles in PRIDE history, bitter rivals Filipovic and Silva squared off in the semifinals of PRIDE’s 2006 Open-Weight Grand Prix.

Tom Rice, a 71-year-old retired art teacher who has owned a home in Franklin for decades, said he believes anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in the area has become more pronounced over the past few years, reaching a fever pitch at the city meeting on March 28. Only six people spoke in favor of the permit, nearly all of them members of the LGBTQ organization behind the festival. But this year, Franklin Pride’s attempts to obtain a city permit have been met with fierce resistance. What had been a procedural formality in past years has become a bitter flashpoint that mirrors similarly heated debates roiling the United States. No stranger to industry awards, Evoplay has been nominated, shortlisted and picked up wins since we started in 2017. From awards giants SBC and ERG, to G2E Asia and the Spinnovation Summit, Evoplay always makes the headlines.

PRIDE matches make up of three rounds; the first round is ten minutes, and the second and third round are five minutes. In PRIDE US events, NSAC Unified MMA rules were used, with non-title matches consisting of three five minute rounds and title matches of 5 five minute rounds both having 60 second intermissions between rounds. His classic bout with “Cro Cop” is proof of that as for the majority of the fight Filipovic was the aggressor, beating “Minotauro” up with crisp punches and thunderous kicks. “Cro Cop” would land strike after strike and yet, with blood dripping down his face Nogueira kept coming back for more. Finally in the second round, Nogueira took “Cro Cop” down and began working some ground n’ pound from the top position before eventually securing a beautiful arm-bar causing the Croatian to tap-out.

Emelianenko took the drama out of it early though, dominating from start to finish en route to a decision victory. It was an epic battle never seen before in the modern era of mixed martial arts and will probably never be seen again. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (PRIDE Critical Countdown 2005)In 2005, “Shogun” Rua was the most feared striker in the 205-pound division and after his recent performance against current UFC champ Lyoto Machida at UFC 104, some can argue he still is to this very day. After completely dismantling “Rampage” Jackson at PRIDE Total Elimination-2005, Rua was matched up against Rogerio Nogueira, twin brother of heavyweight Rodrigo Nogueira. Most expected the “MMA Super Nova” to destroy “Minotoro” much like he did Jackson. The fight was much more competitive than most originally thought, as both fighters stood and traded blows, knocking each other down and landing crisp punches and knees time after time. It was a close battle on the feet, but the deciding factor turned out to be the takedowns from “Shogun,” which gave him the victory unanimously on the judges’ scorecards.

With the focus on lighter combatants, two weight classes, lightweight and welterweight, were formed at 73 and 83 kg respectively. After Pride Bushido 13, it was announced that the series would end and these weight classes would transfer to main Pride shows. Held across two cards, Pride Total Elimination 2003 featured the first round of the Grand Prix and Final Conflict 2003 featured the semi-finals and final. Subsequent middleweight, heavyweight and openweight grands prix had taken place across three events when, in 2004, Critical Countdown was introduced for second round bouts. Both Critical Countdown and Final Conflict had a mix of Grand Prix and non-Grand Prix matches.

Two-time United States Olympic wrestler Dan Henderson got rude welcome to the PRIDE organization in 2000 when he was met by the furious assault of “The Axe Murderer”, Wanderlei Silva, who decisioned him at PRIDE 12. Nearly seven years would pass before Henderson would get his shot at redemption, and he made the most of it, knocking Silva out to become the first man in history to hold PRIDE titles in two weight classes simultaneously. For the past two years, thousands of people have descended on a public park in Franklin, Tennessee — a suburb 30 minutes outside Nashville — for an LGBTQ pride festival featuring live music, food trucks and crafts vendors.

These two standouts didn’t like each other, and they let everyone know about it, adding an intensity to their bouts that captivated fight fans. And the Silva who took out Jackson was the best Wanderlei we’ve ever seen. Neil Young said it’s better to burn out than fade away, and that looked to be the case with Mark Coleman, who pounded out six UFC victories before going on a three-fight skid and getting his walking papers. But ‘The Hammer’ wasn’t about to fade away, and in PRIDE’s 2000 Grand Prix he showed it, finishing off Igor Vovchanchyn in the finals and then putting on one of the sport’s most memorable post-fight celebrations. Below is a list of mixed martial arts events scheduled and held by pride fighting Championships.

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